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Авиа встречи.
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14.02.2010 Новинки от Spektrum!

Новинки от Спектрум - DX8 и DX10t.
New Spektrum DX8 and DX10t Radios!!!
Spektrum have used the Nurenberg Toy Fair to give an insight into the rest of this year so far as its plans for radio releases. No dates are fixed yet but there will be a new eight channel radio for the summer followed by a ten channel tray radio towards the end of the year. Final specifications aren't set at present for either, development is ongoing but general features, some of them all new to the DX radios, have been released.

With the DX10t the Spektrum team have created a new radio system that will be a benchmark in this category for function, performance and software. The design and the concept have been developed in Germany with very much ease and efficiency of use for the modeler in mind. The Spektrum DX10t is equipped with very powerful and modern software. The programming is simple and intuitive and all the switches can have specific functions allocated to them. For those teaching, or starting out the radio has a trainer system with single channel hand over and teacher override function incorporated.

o Foldable aerial
o Designed specifically as a tray radio
o Sticks are designed to optimise grip in a tray configuration
o Angle of switch modules adjustable
o Interchangeable modules to adapt the radio to specific applications
o Large backlit display
o Pockets left and right to store DS cards and small tools
o Fully integrated arm system for the radio harness
o Audio and vibration alarm
o Real time telemetry
o SD card interface for unlimited model memory and transfer of data
  o Mode 1 to Mode 4
o Four languages; English, German, French and Spanish
o Integrated stick switches
o Software for three model types: acrobat, glider and heli
o Internal model memories
o Stop watches
o Timer
o 2048 step resolution
o Integrated LiPo
o Switch allocation
o Mixers with graphic curve

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Сеть магазинов "Моделист",
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